Another five minutes

April 5, 2016

IMG 0005 e1439275269849 - Another five minutesIt is 10:07 at night and I’m wondering if I’ll go running in the morning. I’m also wondering if anyone would enter a Running Writing 5k.

At the start of the race you get a topic.

Example: Mysterious stranger falls from the sky.

Then someone says on your mark, get set, go.

You run very fast so that you look good. 1k.

Then you stop and write the first scene of the story. Someone gives you water.

Then you run another k.

Then you stop. You write the next scene. You have to be careful how much time you take because the runner/writer next to you has already finished her second scene and is on her 3rdK. Etc. etc.

By the end of the 5k you are that much more cardiovascularly fit AND you have a story about a mysterious stranger falling from the sky.  You get a banana and maybe half a bagel. Probably some chocolate milk because it’s delicious.  You also get to turn in your story and there are prizes for best falling stranger, funniest falling stranger, worst falling stranger etc.

Would you enter?

I’m brainstorming ideas of how to raise money for refugees and so far this is my best one. Is that good or bad?


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  • Reply DK April 5, 2016 at 3:16pm

    I would win fastest falling stranger

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