Bryan Adams is the Best

August 30, 2012

Today baby and I went on a walk. Well, a hike. We hiked up the mountain and I got tired and a girl said, You are my hero, because I had a baby on my back, I’m guessing.

I don’t think I’m her hero.

I saw a boy running as the bus pulled away. NOOOOOO he yelled in the middle of a silent street.

A girl stood on her front lawn with her back pack on, maybe waiting for the jr. high bus. She and I watched as he run down the hill after the bus.

I wonder if she thought he was cute. If she felt bad for him. If she was glad she wasn’t missing the bus.

I thought about when I took the bus. Just junior high. Waiting in front of the clark’s house and being sort of excited every morning because I liked the boys in my neighborhood and one time when Robin Hood with Kevin Costner (who I can’t stand) had come out and the boy I REALLY liked had written out the lyrics to the bryan adams song in his notebook.

He said, look at this.

I looked at it. Wow, I said.

Yeah, he said.

My heart pumped.

So everything you do, you do it for me?

He looked at me.  What?
And i felt myself go red.

Nothing, I said.

DId you think I wrote these for you?

He was trying not to laugh.


You did.

No I didnt.

You did.

He yelled at his friend. Hey guess what . . .

and so it went.

write about the bus. Write about a girl you saw.

write about a tiger.

Write about a boy.

Write about bryan adams.

Have your kids do it too: make them write about a bus. or draw a picture.



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