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Personal Writing Prompt

  • rockface - Hairy Armpits
    Personal Writing Prompt

    Hairy Armpits

    Today I listened to this podcast. I loved it. I love stories. I love people talking and sharing and yes, even gossiping. I love it because stories connect us. They open us up to…

    August 26, 2015
  • IMG 0005 e1439275269849 - Chicken Nuggets
    Personal Writing Prompt

    Chicken Nuggets

    Write about chicken nuggets. Sweet and sour sauce Bar-b-que sauce Honey Ketchup Nuggets at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Chik-fil-A, Sonic. Happy meals where you had to eat at least three nuggets before you got to play…

    August 5, 2012
  • Personal Writing Prompt

    Disappearing Text

    My posts keep disappearing. This is a test . . . Write about when you write something and it disappears . . . or when you accidentally deleted your term paper. Or when you…

    July 29, 2012
  • Personal Writing Prompt


    if you are wondering why I’m doing this, here’s why: I love stories. We all have a million of them and so often we don’t take the time to write them down.  These prompts…

    July 14, 2012
  • cropped Chrysanthemum - Grief
    Personal Writing Prompt


    My dear friend and writing partner’s dog was just killed. He wasn’t just killed, he was lost first for a few days and then killed–hit by a car. It’s devastating to her, to her girls, to…

    July 10, 2012
  • Personal Writing Prompt


    We had a family wedding last week. In between events I was sitting at my sister Sandy’s house and we were looking at each other’s toes. Hers were painted and shaped and petite. Mine…

    July 8, 2012
  • Personal Writing Prompt


    Make a list of all the pets you’ve had. It may be long, it may be short. Try to remember their names, what they looked like, where you got them, how they acted, what…

    July 5, 2012