8-Minute Memoir

Day 121: Things you’d like to throw away

May 22, 2017

Day 121: Things you’d like to throw away. Whistles. Old shirts. Bed frames. Pokemon. Photographs. Bowling balls. Desks. Blankets. Habits. Thoughts. Swimming suits. Collections. Dreams. Cars that break down. Irons. Pains. Medications. Diapers. Wedding dresses. Maybe you can’t throw them away because they are precious to someone else in your home. Maybe you can’t because they’re precious to you but they’re in the way. Maybe you can’t because you need them once a year or in case of a disaster that might never happen. Maybe you’ve tried to throw them away but something held you back. Maybe you need them everyday but you wish you didn’t. Maybe you don’t have the heart. Maybe you don’t dare. Maybe you tried and someone fished them out of the garbage. Things you’d like to get rid of. 8 minutes. Write fast. Don’t stop. Time yourself. Memoir reading coming up in June. One for adults, one for kids. Times and places TBA #8minutememoir

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