8-Minute Memoir

Day 127: Something You Want to Try

June 5, 2017

Day 127: Something You Want to Try. These ads were in a greasy spoon in Green River, Utah. Just on this little window you could join a mountaineering club, learn how to ride a horse, have help with a garden, pick a melon days theme, get a new job, buy some rad old stuff at a yard sale or run a triathlon. So many possibilities taped to one surface. It’s so easy to do things out of our comfort zone. Write about something you’d like to try that you’ve never done before. Paddle boarding. Piano lessons. Hot yoga. Hiking a mountain. Scuba diving. Reading Moby Dick. Shaving your head. Trying out for a play. Buying a motorcycle. Wearing a bikini. Taking a woodworking class. Traveling to Thailand. Doing improv. Eating snails. Joining a club or organization. 8 minutes. Something you’d like to try. #8minutememoir

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