8-Minute Memoir


November 15, 2017

Day 197: Bedtime. Write about bedtime. Bedtime as an adult, bedtime when you were a kid. Bedtime with your own kids or grandkids. How do you unwind? Read? Show? Meditation? Bath? Zero to sixty? What is your routine? Eye cream, face cream, ice cream, hair cream? It’s these small things I wish my mom had written down. Did she read late into the night? Did she eat one of those chocolate bars she had hidden around the house? Did she go to bed early or late? I do remember her reading us The Secret Garden in her water bed. I remember she put toilet paper around her head to keep her hair set. I remember when we were older we had to go in and wake her up and turn off her bedside lamp when we got home. What do you remember? What do you do? Bedtime. #8minutememoir


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