8-Minute Memoir

Day 144: Going Back

July 14, 2017

Day 144: Going Back. Today I went back to my old college library. A lot was still the same: the smell of books as you walk in, the white speckled floor, the security people giving out dirty looks, the general feeling of stress and anxiety. A lot had changed: you can eat in there now! There’s vending machines! There’s a designated area to hang out and talk loud! This was mind-blowing. I spent a lot of time secretly stuffing Triscuits in my mouth and then chewing as slowly and quietly as I could in that building. The first picture is of the old, the hard chaired carrels where I ate the Triscuits and also fruit jets, sometimes chocolate covered cinnamon bears, every now and then some yogurt pretzels (clearly the no food rule was a huge burden for me). It’s where I met friends and whispered and threw paper airplanes and where I discovered some of my most treasured books. The next few pictures show the changes–I have mixed feelings. Write about a place where you spent a lot of time long ago and have recently revisited. What was the same? What changed? Were the changes good? What memories came back? Write for 8 minutes. Also, we should all go eat and talk really loud at the University library. #8minutememoir

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