8-Minute Memoir

Day 155: Changing Relationships

August 9, 2017

Day 155: Changing Relationships. This is my beautiful sister Katy and today is her birthday. I love her very much: she is kind, loyal, loves my kids and is the most organized person on the planet. When we were younger we didn’t get along all the time. She says this was mostly because of my personality ?. We would yell at each other, I stole her clothes, I also crashed her scooter and as I mentioned awhile ago, when she had friends over, I did like to collapse or sing very loud or follow them around. It was a little rough for her I guess. Yay for change and growing up. Write about an evolving relationship, whether good or bad. How has it changed? What is your part? Their part? How do you imagine it will change in the future? Write for 8 minutes. And happy birthday @katybknight, we love you. If you need a birthday present suggestion, see her shirt and hat. #8minutememoir

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