8-Minute Memoir

Day 156: doing something out of your comfort zone

August 11, 2017

Day 156: doing something out of your comfort zone. For the longest time I’ve wanted a skort for hiking. I kept not getting one because I felt a little silly about it for a few reasons. A) a skort? B) I don’t look like the model in this picture. C) a skort? D) I’m almost 40 so long Bermuda shorts are almost required. E) who am I, Steffi Graf? Too many obstacles. Then my friend @kimberlypacehenderson and I went on a hike and she was wearing one! She said it’s all she wears! Night and day! Just kidding. But she wears them a lot. I got brave and bought one and guess what, I love it. And I try to act like it’s normal. Write about doing something, wearing something, trying something out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s taking a belly-dancing class. Maybe it’s wearing leather pants. Maybe it’s booking a trip to Malaysia. Maybe it’s trying karaoke or stand up. Maybe it’s a new pair of gigantic earrings or trying a bikini for the first time. Write for 8 minutes. I’m feeling a little dejavu so if I’ve posted something similar to this I apologize. Do it again! Also, I think it’s a time for another gathering. End of August? We’ll read our 8 minute memoir and drink fresh peach milkshakes? Everyone who has come before I hope you come again, and those who never have but have thought about it, I hope you come this time. In any case, write about being brave for 8 minutes. #8minutememoir

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