8-Minute Memoir

Day 167: Stories about your home

September 6, 2017

Day 167: Stories about your home. I came upon this article about haunted Rock Canyon and I was terrified!!! Apparently people report hearing strange sounds while up there–crying, whispers, laughter. There's even a sad ethereal man that people have encountered on several occasions and he's always wearing the same rumpled clothing from the 70s! Nooooo! I hike Rock Canyon a lot and I've never seen this forlorn 70s man (though I'd like to) and I've never heard wailing ghosts or crying travelers and I often hike before dawn or after dusk!!! But still, I love this article. It's funny. It makes me think about a familiar place in a new way. And I love spooky stuff.. Write about folklore surrounding a place you love, a place you've lived, a place you know. Where do the stories come from? Who tells the stories? Do you believe them? Do you pass them along? Do you think stories can transform a place or experience? Do you reject them? Dismiss them–wish they were never told? Write for 8 minutes.

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