8-Minute Memoir


January 11, 2018

Day 219: Your morning. This morning I was going to put this stuff on my face but when I was about to apply I noticed a whisker (okay three) and went in search for the tweezers which should’ve been in the bathroom but somehow I found myself in the kitchen and someone wanted oatmeal so I started water boiling but then I heard the washer beep so I ran down the stairs and I saw the bag of recycling I’d gathered so I put that by the stairs and then someone yelled they needed help finding crazy patterned clothes for spirit week at the elementary school but I wasn’t sure it was really crazy pattern day so I ran back upstairs to find my phone which was in my bedroom and I decided to make my bed and then I saw a book that reminded me of another book which I went looking for but then someone was screaming and it was because of boiling water and so I ran to the kitchen and everything was fine so I put in the oatmeal and a child was still yelling for help with crazy pattern clothes so I went back downstairs and helped them and then I realized someone else had wet their bed so I got all their bedding and yelled for someone upstairs to start a bath and that’s 8 minutes. Write about your morning, as fast as you can, for 8 minutes. #8minutememoir


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