8-Minute Memoir

Day 129: Things you prefer to do alone

June 9, 2017

Day 129: Things you prefer to do alone. Sometimes I’m reading or writing or studying at the library and people are washing the windows and it’s fine but maybe I keep looking up and making weird eye contact and I can’t focus. Or maybe I’m driving and someone is in the passenger seat and suddenly I keep jamming on my breaks and they grab the overhead safety handle and I’m usually a very good driver but I keep getting worse and worse the more I’m observed. Or maybe I exercise in the deep pool at the rec center in the early hours and it’s just me and the life guard and he or she has to watch me. It’s their JOB. But I really can’t get the quality workout I want because they are watching me, and only me, as I flail around. Write about things you’d rather do alone. 8 minutes. And if you’re coming tonight for kids memoir reading, bring a lawn chair or two. 6-7:30. You can read their writing for them if they’re too shy. #8minutememoir

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