8-Minute Memoir


February 7, 2018

Day 226: Reaching your unreachable potential. As the years go by, my chances at competing in Olympic Games go down (excluding senior Olympics—that’s for another day). Every time the games come along, I think is there one sport I could possibly like by the thinnest margin, still get good enough that I could compete? Like if I started training this very second for the next five years, because this world-famous coach wants to take on an impossible challenge, maybe there’s a bet involved? and there’s probably a reality show attached? Maybe just a movie? Anyway, is there any sport that if I gave my heart and soul to and ate what the sports chef made me eat because he of course moved in to cook for me and I slept all the hours and then day after day in the gym, is there any sport that I could actually maybe compete in? Curling? Speed walking? I’m sure I’m naively and grossly underestimating those sports. I just want to know: what is in me? If you had to choose a sport, or a instrument, a talent, a profession, a life that if you could, you would devote all your time to trying, what would it be and why? Maybe pick a few. This is a picture of a couple kids putting heat packs on my face. I imagine this would be part of my training so I’m well on my way. #8minutememoir


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