8-Minute Memoir

Day 43: Thank you

November 26, 2016

Day 43: Thank you. Write an 8 minute note of gratitude to someone. Set the timer, write their name and then go for it. Be specific, write stories, don’t stop until the time runs out. Maybe then set the timer again and write another one. The horse in this picture is my sister Katy who loves my kids like they’re her own. She saved me when as kids we were lost at the Halloween parade, two little crying clowns. She forgave me for being the cause of a bike crash when she was pumping me to elementary school on her banana seat bike and I insisted on waving my arms and singing which ended up in her getting a whole bunch of stitches and one more, but there could be a thousand, she’s always been there for me when I don’t feel like getting out of bed but people still need to be fed. write a gratitude note. Write a few. 8 minutes. #8minutememoir

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