8-Minute Memoir

Day 7: Finish

August 31, 2016

Day 7: Finish. One day I told my kids we were going to make a piece of art to remind us to finish things. I told them we’d put it on the wall where we could always see it. Admittedly I’m the one who needed it the most. I love to start things. I don’t love to finish them: novels, organization projects, quilts, laundry, gardens, Downton Abbey. So we got going on the Finish art and I didn’t like the direction it was going. In fact, I almost threw it away before it was done because look at it. My husband stopped me. “You have to finish it,” he said. “You realize that, right?” Write about something you need to finish. Or many things you need to finish. What’s holding you back? What do you do instead? Or perhaps write about something you did finish and you’re proud of it. Or maybe something you’ll never finish and you feel fine with that. 8 minutes. No stopping. Whatever comes. #8minutememoir #8mm

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  • Reply benschwensch September 3, 2016 at 8:48pm

    Some time ago (3 yrs. or so) I wrote something I called “The Sheet of Shame.” I listed all the books I’d written parts of (12 of them) by title, then listed how many words in each, pages, and chapters or sections, so when I saw this prompt I went back to The Sheet of Shame. I’ll spare you all the REALLY gruesome details, but suffice it to say I’ve written (and I did no updates on The Sheet, though the biggest two may have a bit more now) 331,233 words in 586 pages with 92 chapters (or sections). And NONE are finisihed ! ! ! My biggest is 101,933 words at 261 pages, 36 pieces or chapters. Next biggest is 12,258 with 34 pgs and 6 chapters.

    I did NOT list my 1 screenplay which IS finished, or any of my many articles and/or essays, which are mostly finished, but sitting fallow in my computer.

    Why am I wasting my time writing, if I’m NOT doing anything with the results? HOW did YOU get yourself to FINISH something and put it out there ? ? ? OBVIOUSLY, I could use some help (or a good swift kick in the britches) ! ! !

    [I AM, now, working on the biggest one, listed above — a rewrite and reorganization more than actually “writing.” And the #2 biggest is the NEXT project ! ! !

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