Dear People

March 28, 2014

Dear People,

  1. I have a blood blister on my heel from stepping on a Lego. When it happened, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. How can something so small have such a huge impact.
  2. I am tired beyond belief and the troubling thing is that I have realized that the book I am writing needs a whole new layer. A thick layer. One I’m not sure I’m capable of writing and it needs to fit exactly perfectly on top of the layer I’ve already written. Like a fancy cake. And I don’t make fancy cakes.
  3. Why are my feet always cold?
  4. My five year old has decided he will be making two movies. The first one is called “Victim” and is pretty sad. The second one is called “Trash All Good Things.” He hasn’t written them yet but he has begun practicing.
  5. I hope love lasts forever.
  6. It’s springtime.




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