School Visits

3-6th grade:

From Real Life to a Real Book

This presentation shows how to take an idea from everyday life and transform it into a fantastic story. I’ll show examples from my life (did you know I got my tongue stuck in a bottle once?) that have helped shape my novels. Then I’ll use examples from some of the kids and together we’ll create a story. This can work for both large and small groups.

3-8th grade:

The Glamorous Life of an Author

This presentation goes exactly how it sounds–I’ll show students my fancy workspace (bed), my sleek writing process (ha ha ha), and how authors are constantly doing fabulous things (sitting alone and working). I’ll also show the publishing process with all it’s lovely surprises. I promise this one is a fun one. Again, this presentation works for both large and small groups.

K-3rd grade:

How to Write Funny Stories

I’ll tell my funny stories, I’ll help them tell theirs.

Workshops and Classes:

I also love to teach writing workshops to smaller groups on a variety of topics (memoir writing, story-crafting, how to cook popcorn in a paper bag).

Please contact me for rates and scheduling.

Virtual School Visits

I’m happy to do 30 minute virtual visits and Q&A on iChat or Skype with book groups, classrooms, or other gatherings that have read at least one of my books at no charge.