Personal Writing Prompt


June 27, 2012

Write about a your favorite food. Why is it your favorite? When do you eat it? Who do you eat it with? Where do you get it? Do other people like it? Do other people hate it? Would you ever consider hosting a party featuring this food?


My favorite food is popcorn. I love popcorn with all my heart. I love to hear it pop. I love the smell. I love the texture. I love it buttered or carameled or chocolated or cheesed or kettled. I love places that have popcorn: Movie theaters, carnivals, ball games, Honda dealerships, crappy restaurants, my family room. When I was little, my sister katy and I used to air pop a gigantic bowl of popcorn and then melt an ENTIRE cube of butter and drizzle it on. Then we’d pop in a recordedfromTVsocompletelyhorribleversion video like Romancing the Stone or Revenge of the Nerds (edited–still pretty horrible) or Sixteen Candles or Goonies or Savannah Smiles.


In college I used to make popcorn in a brown paper bag and then eat it for dinner. sometimes I still do that. My boys like Sticky Popcorn on Sunday nights while we sit on a blanket and watch the stars. Or when they have movie night and Watch Cars2 for the fiftieth time.


I think I will have a popcorn party. Everyone can bring their favorite kind and we can even have popcorn games like popcorn relay or pin the popcorn on the lady’s face or who can eat the most popcorn in a minute. I’d win it.


Now write about what you love and why.


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