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Kids! Day 14: Snakes in a car

April 22, 2017

Kids! Day 14: Snakes in a car. One time there was a milk snake named Bandit that looked a lot like this guy. He lived in a museum and ate lots of mice. On a sunny afternoon he was in a bag in a museum car coming home from meeting some elementary school kids and decided he wanted to check out how the car worked. So he slithered out of that bag and made his way to the interior of the car to take a look around. Imagine how the museum employee felt when she opened the bag and the snake was gone! Imagine the screams of the mechanics as they had to take apart the dashboard and look under the hood and crawl under the car in search. Bandit was friendly but the mechanics and other people always seemed afraid. Finally after hours of looking and Bandit getting some much needed free time, Bandit was found! What if a snake got lost in your car? What kind of snake would it be? What color? What would be its name? Why was it in your car in the first place? Who would discover it missing? What would your mom do? Your dad? Your brother? Your sister? Your grandma? Your friends? Your neighbors? Who would get it out? Would there be a party afterwards? Write about a snake in a car. Or a bus. Or maybe in the wall of your house.–that’s happened before too. Snakes for days! 8 minutes. Drawings welcome. #8minutememoirkids #truestory

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