Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 22: Your Name

May 18, 2017

Kids! Day 22: Your Name. In the book Chrysanthemum, the main character Chrysanthemum loves her name. She loves the way it sounds, she loves the way it looks written on birthday cakes, she loves whispering it to herself in the mirror. Then one day she went to school and everything changed. Some said her name was too long, others said it was too hard to spell, and even more said it was too different. Suddenly she wasn’t sure about her name anymore. What do you think of your name? How did your parents choose it? What does it mean? Do you love it? Want to change it? Have mixed feelings? My name is two words so people are always calling me Ann instead of Ann Dee. I used to think it was a pain and I also had a couple boys who would follow me on the walk home from school and chant “follow Ann Dee, then steal her candy.” Because of these two things, I decided I wanted to change my name to either Mallory or Tiffany or Jem. This was my hope for a very long time–I even practiced signing my name with all three names. But then something fabulous happened: one of the main girls in a new favorite movie, Goonies, was named Andy! So then I liked the sound of my name but still not the spelling. A few years later a teacher I had said she liked the spelling of my name so much she was going to name her baby Ann Dee! I’ll stop there but the ups and downs of my name continue to this day. Write about your name for 8 minutes. Diagrams, pictures, graphs are welcome. #8minutememoirkids

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