Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 26: Old house

June 1, 2017

Kids! Day 26: Old house. Way out in the country stands this house. The windows are boarded up. The door is hanging from its hinges. The yard is a forest of weeds and wild flowers. Who lived there? Do they still live there? What if your parents bought the house, how would you feel? Imagine walking through it. What does the front room look like? How do you think it looked when it was first built? Who do you think built it? We’re there pictures on the wall? A piano in the corner? A wolf for a pet? What does the kitchen look like? What kind of meals were made there? Eggs and bacon? Lasagna? Quinoa and strawberry salad? Neighbors coming by for a bite? What about the bedrooms. Do you think they were filled with bunk beds and toys? Or maybe a little woman lived there alone and spent her days building car engines and planning trips to Morocco. Help this house come back to life. Stories and drawings are encouraged. 8 minutes. #8minutememoirkids

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