Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 37: A book review

July 11, 2017

Kids! Day 37: a book review. Write about a book you love. Why do you love it? What are your favorite parts? Is there a character that made you laugh? Any that reminded you of people you know? Maybe even yourself? Would you recommend this book to other? Why or why not? This is a book review by “Bro Pro review” which is actually one of my kids review pen name (I just found out). This is his review of my book that comes out today!! As you can see I got two and a half out of three which is pretty good. There’s a drawing of me and a quote from @jscottsavage who I’m not sure even knows the book exists. But I am very excited about this thoughtful review from Bro Pro. Maybe write a review and email it to the author. Maybe even post your review to Amazon and make their day. Be creative. Take 8 minutes. Also, tonight is the big night! Provo Library, 7 pm! #8minutememoirkids

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