Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 38: Shopping

July 13, 2017

Kids! Day 38: Shopping. Do you love it? Hate it? Get to pick out some of the food? Do you have a favorite store? A store you dislike? My husband says he used to get dragged all over the city shopping and he did not like it–he especially despised TJ Maxx. I didn’t love shopping but I did like going to Reams Grocery in my town because the roof was shaped like a turtle shell and there were gigantic jeans hanging from the ceiling and we almost always got to have an ice cream cone. I also loved our neighborhood stores–Minute Man for penny candy and frozen lemonade and the Carsons for milk and cheese. Write about shopping. Food. Clothes. Hardware. Toys. Any kind of shopping. Draw pictures of your favorite store. I love maps. In fact I can right now see the inside of Reams in my head. 8 minutes. #8minutememoirkids

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