8-Minute Memoir

Day 130: Trees

Day 130: Trees. Any kind of tree. Trees you planted. Trees you cut down. Trees in your front yard. Trees you hid under at the park. Trees you pick apples from. Trees you read books in. Trees with swings. Trees with squirrels. Trees with…

June 12, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 129: Things you prefer to do alone

Day 129: Things you prefer to do alone. Sometimes I’m reading or writing or studying at the library and people are washing the windows and it’s fine but maybe I keep looking up and making weird eye contact and I can’t focus. Or maybe…

June 9, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 28: Making things

Kids! Day 28: Making things. I’m trying to crochet this blanket*. I’ve never made a blanket before and I keep making mistakes but I love seeing it grow–it used to just be balls of yarn in a bag! Write about things you like to…

June 8, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 128: Picking Fruit

Day 128: Picking Fruit. How do you do it? Tap on it? Smell it? Take a taste? Do you buy in season? Organic? Grow your own? Get the cheapest? Go to UPick farms? Stick to fruit roll ups and Craisins? We used to get…

June 7, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 27: Games

Kids! Day 27: Games. Write about your favorite games. Board games. Card games. Outside games. All the games. Maybe even make up a new game. What are the rules? What’s the goal? Draw some pictures. 8 minutes. Our kids memoir night is this Friday!…

June 6, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 127: Something You Want to Try

Day 127: Something You Want to Try. These ads were in a greasy spoon in Green River, Utah. Just on this little window you could join a mountaineering club, learn how to ride a horse, have help with a garden, pick a melon days…

June 5, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 126: Flip Flops

Day 126: Flip Flops. My mom called them thongs. We all did. Sandals. Towels. Sunscreen. Visors. Goggles. Sunglasses. Swimsuits that you wear all day and all night for two weeks. Write about summer gear. 8 minutes. #8minutememoir A post shared by Ann Dee Ellis…

June 2, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 26: Old house

Kids! Day 26: Old house. Way out in the country stands this house. The windows are boarded up. The door is hanging from its hinges. The yard is a forest of weeds and wild flowers. Who lived there? Do they still live there? What…

June 1, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 126: Bad Pictures

Day 126: Bad Pictures. Write about bad pictures other people have taken of you. Maybe a family portrait when you had the bangs of your dreams, framed for eternity. Maybe your worst pose senior picture that your mother put into a collage for the…

May 31, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 25: Your ice cream

Kids! Day 25: Your ice cream. Write about your favorite ice cream flavor or cool treat (popsicle, otter pops, Creamies, Dove bars, fruit bars, etc). How often do you get it? How do you like to eat it? Where do you like to eat…

May 30, 2017