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July 5, 2012

Make a list of all the pets you’ve had. It may be long, it may be short. Try to remember their names, what they looked like, where you got them, how they acted, what happened to them. If you’re like me and had very few pets (like our one goldfish Amy who went down the drain), write about why you didn’t have pets. Are you sad about it? Do you want pets now? How do you feel about animals? Any animal stories?


One time I was chased by a dog in Hong Kong and my friend who was with me, Sister Rocaberte, she was screaming and we ran and when we finally lost the dog and were panting in an alley, she told me one time in the phillipines she was bitten by a dog right in the butt. “It was like he thought my cheeks were a gigantic piece of bread.” Now every time I see a dog I think they think my bum is bread.


My boys are scared of dogs and it’s my fault. Scared of dogs but they love cats.


My middle boy is a cat named Jetsi. He rings the doorbell and then scratches at the door and when I open it, we have a new family cat. The game can go on and on for hours.


One time we were playing night games at the Gardner’s house in their basement. They had gerbils down down there and I remember staring at them and wondering if they were going to escape and bite me and give me rabies. While we were playing sardines, Carolyn Blair told me one of the gerbils had escaped and no one knew where it was. RIght then, I felt something nibbling on my toe I AM NOT LYING! I screamed and screamed and screamed and ran up the stairs and out the door and across the street and I never went over there again. My sister will say I’m lying but I’m not.


Laura Beal had a dog named Soupee that she was always tell to sic us. “Sic em, Soupee, Sic em.”

Mom always made us take the extra chicken bones down to Susan Reams gigantic murderous barking dogs.

The dogs at the Martins’ would jump hard into the fence while we passed, with drool pouring out their mouth.


Write about your pets.


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