Starts and How I Wish Twitter Didn’t Exist and How Happy I am For Jennifer Aniston

August 13, 2012

I sent out the starts of YA or MG novels to anyone who is interested. I’m sorry if you were hoping for something meatier. I didn’t go too far into the stories so that you could just get a first impression and them make it your own. if you didn’t get a start and you want one, there are more where that came from. Just let me know.

Now for twitter. How many of you twit regularly? I mean tweet? I am THE WORST at it. Like I have an account but every time I attempt to write something on that thing, I end up freezing and making a typo or I write the same word twice or I think, who the heck cares about what I am saying right now and how does this work? I know that being a regular tweeter is important. In fact in many circles tweeting is the only thing that matters as far as social networking goes. That’s why I feel this pressure to at least tweet once in my life.

Now I know as soon as I say that people are going to say, you don’t have to tweet. Do what you feel comfortable with and I agree. I totally get that. But I also wonder psychologically what my problem is. Like what is my problem? It’s 140 characters. Write something already.

In one of the books I’ve been reading it talks about how microblogging (uh, tweeting) “could act as a powerful daily practice, and the restriction of the short length might build your ability to compress key events into singular, vivid images. A collection of your microblogs would be a fascinating form in itself, conveying an entire life in as few words as possible. The writing is quick, spontaneous [not for me, apparently], catching the world on the fly; it is both intimate and incredibly public . . . “

A powerful daily practice. Spontaneous and intimate and public.

I think I should do something spontaneous and intimate and public. Like run around naked. Or tweet.

Should we do a tweeting challenge? Like write a YA story a day in 140 characters? Or tweet a memory from our teen years and do it for thirty days? I don’t even get how it works. Do we tweet at each other? This is embarrassing. How do I tweet to celebrities? That’s the real question.

Someone help me. Or tweet for me.


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