March 19, 2014

Today my seven year old came home in a near panic. Someone mysterious (with a man’s voice! It was not the secretary, I repeat NOT the secretary because is a girl. And so is the principal. And we are getting a new principal but both of the people who might become principal are girls so it MAKES NO SENSE!!! ) had come over the school intercom and said, “Violet Baudelaire (admittedly the last name was muffled), please come to the main office.”

Shocking. It’s probably Count Olaf. It probably is.

And if so, what can we do about it? Should we get involved? How would we even if we wanted to? Is it smart? Irresponsible? Or maybe it’s irresponsible to not do a little sniffing around. This is a very serious situation. Updates to come soon.

In other news, PW gave my new book The End, or Something Like That a star.t I wonder if Count Olaf knows. Is it tied together? What does it mean?


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