8-Minute Memoir


February 14, 2018

Day 227: List of people you love. Make a list of people in your life and by each name list one concrete reason or story or example of why you love them. Stay away from abstractions–words like loyalty, kindness, happy, etc. Instead write a small real thing that shows your relationship. Or whatever comes to your head about time spent with them. My example: this is a lid for my blendtec. This lid is actually illegal because it doesn’t have a vent hole in the middle. They only make these kinds for industrial use (because hot steam could blow the top off). However, my husband Cam noticed I always lose the clear cap for the vent hole (I lose most things) in the mornings when I make a smoothie, thus making make-shift covers out of cups, bowls, one time a dish towel (not recommended). He decided to get me a hole-less one no matter what it took (I didn’t know there were hole-less ones). After phone calls and visits to the blendtec building and arguments about legalities and papers signed, he showed up home with this thing. This is one example of why I love him. Make a list. 8 minutes. #8minutememoir #valentinesday


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