Ann Dee head shot 225x300 -Hi there! My name is Ann Dee (Andy) Ellis and one time I got my tongue stuck in a grapefruit juice bottle. It was traumatic. And sad. And very very embarrassing. Until I wrote about it and then it was mostly just funny. I write books for young readers and I also do a lot of embarrassing things. Writing helps me cope.

If you look around you’ll find out more about me (and my problems), more about my books (and where to find them), and more about my obsession with memoir (the love is real, friends). In fact, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I post an eight minute memoir prompt for the teen to adult set right here (and on instagram and twitter). I think everyone should be writing their stories–even if just for a few minutes a day. You can follow along here, on social media, or join my newsletter where I’ll send the prompts and other writerly tips and news. 

Praise for You May Already be a Winner, my debut middle grade book: 

“Distinct, colorful, richly imaginative, thoroughly authentic, often hilarious, and frequently heartbreaking…Readers of this memorable novel will feel like winners, too.” Kirkus