Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! 8 Minute Memoir

You can start on day one here. Or you can join us where we are now. Every Tuesday and Thursday I post a writing prompt for kids of all ages both here on my website and on my instagram account @anndeecandy. Sometimes the prompts are…

March 16, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

8 Minute Memoir

Read a description below or skip ahead and start on day one, or write where we are now. The 8 Minute Memoir project is for everyone. Not just “writers” but all people. It works like this: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I post a…

September 11, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 97: Things you save

Day 97: Things you save. Write about things you save. Receipts, ticket stubs, awards. Drawings, trinkets, Cabbage Patch dolls. Maybe you save everything. Maybe you save nothing. Maybe you grew up in a house spilling with things or maybe it was a house with…

March 27, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 96: Before they were adults

Day 96: Before they were adults. Write about what one (or both) of your parents were like before they were your parent. Did they dance to big bands at Salt Air? Did they race cars with their friends in fields? Did they work in…

March 24, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 95: One Time

Day 95: One time. One time a deer rammed our minivan while we were driving at a high speed on an extremely busy street. I screamed, my husband swerved and we are here to tell about it. Now we can’t open the door on…

March 22, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 5: Favorite food

Kids! Day 5: Favorite food. Frances loves bread and jam; it’s all she wants to eat for every meal (until she doesnt). If you got to have the same thing to eat for every single meal, what would you pick? What would be your…

March 21, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 94: Milk and Cookies. Or Joy and Sorrow

Day 94: Milk and Cookies. Or Joy and Sorrow. Pick one or both. Today on my mom’s 82nd birthday I have to say, she always bought us Oreos. I love them and I miss her. 8 minutes. #8minutememoir A post shared by Ann Dee…

March 20, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 93: Bathrooms

Day 93: Bathrooms. Write about a bathroom. Maybe the one at your elementary school that you vowed never to enter, maybe the one in the basement of your childhood home that was bigger than your bedroom and had amazing acoustics (where you got very…

March 17, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 4: Outside

Kids! Day 4: Outside. Make a list of at least 10 things you like to do outside. You can go into as much or as little detail as you want (my list would include this: I like to walk down Old Willow which is…

March 16, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 92: Buying stuff you don’t need

Day 92: Buying stuff you don’t need. Write about a time you bought or almost bought something you didn’t need. Maybe you saw a very convincing infomercial. Maybe a friend told you that you had to have it. Maybe you thought it would change…

March 15, 2017