8-Minute Memoir

Day 17: A Sibling

Day 17: A Sibling. This blurry picture is of two crazy babies who love each other. In fact, yesterday Sammy said he was going to marry his sister some day. His brothers informed him that this was not possible and he started screaming for…

September 23, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 16: Learning New Things

Day 16: Learning New Things. This is a picture of my husband’s grandma with her first smartphone. It’s not intuitive for her but she’s pushing herself to learn because it’s important to her to stay connected. Write about learning new things. When do you…

September 21, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 15: Camping

Day 15: Camping. Write about a time you slept outside. 8 minutes. If you go off topic that’s fine. Just write. No stopping. #8minutememoir A photo posted by Ann Dee Ellis (@anndeecandy) on Sep 18, 2016 at 9:19pm PDT…

September 18, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 14: School Lunch

Day 14: School Lunch. At my elementary school all the cool kids got Squeezits, Cheetos, Lunchables, and Fruit Wrinkles. I got celery, an apple, a whole wheat sandwich and maybe maybe an Oreo. Pretty sad trading prospects for me. Sometimes I longed to eat…

September 16, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 13: Your Most Important Hair Moment

Day 13: Your Most Important Hair Moment. This is my son’s rat tail. It’s a very important part of his life and never threaten to cut it. Today write about that time your hair was all it was meant to be and more. Hair…

September 14, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 12: Decisions

Day 12: Decisions. I’ve been reading The Things They Carried and I feel gutted. In one passage he talks about the decision of whether to fight in Vietnam or run to Canada. “Twenty yards. I could’ve jumped and started swimming for my life. Inside…

September 11, 2016
Missing 8mm
8-Minute Memoir

Day 11: Losing Things

Day 11: Losing Things. In our house, shoes get lost. They hide under beds, inside bags, and out in the dirt. This makes me sad. But then who am to complain? I’ve lost keys, twenty dollar bills, shirts, cars, swimsuits, children, flour, birth certificates,…

September 9, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 10: Messes

Day 10: Messes. Big messes. Small messes. Emotional messes. Physical messes. Spiritual messes. Relationship messes. Scheduling messes. Take your messy pick. 8 minutes. Let it be messy. #8minutememoir A photo posted by Ann Dee Ellis (@anndeecandy) on Sep 6, 2016 at 8:44pm PDT…

September 7, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 9: 8

Day 9: 8. Write about being 8 years old. Do you remember? Where did you live? Who were your friends? What did you do? What were you siblings like? What did your mom do? What did your dad say? What did you hope for?…

September 6, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 8: Birthdays

Day 8: Birthdays. 8 minutes. So easy. #8minutememoir #8mm #pokemon #birthdaylist A photo posted by Ann Dee Ellis (@anndeecandy) on Sep 1, 2016 at 9:25pm PDT…

September 1, 2016