Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! 8 Minute Memoir

You can start on day one here. Or you can join us where we are now. Every Tuesday and Thursday I post a writing prompt for kids of all ages both here on my website and on my instagram account @anndeecandy. Sometimes the prompts are…

March 16, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

8 Minute Memoir

Read a description below or skip ahead and start on day one, or write where we are now. The 8 Minute Memoir project is for everyone. Not just “writers” but all people. It works like this: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I post a…

September 11, 2016
8-Minute Memoir

Day 122: Worth the effort

Day 122: Worth the effort. Write about something that takes a lot of effort but to you, the results are worth it. This can be camping. Gardening. School. DIY projects*. Sewing**. Cooking. Exercising. Online dating. Musical Instruments. Etc. I don’t love to cook but…

May 24, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 23: Dilophosaurus

Kids! Day 23: Dilophosaurus. What if this friend was your pet? What would you name her? Where would she sleep? What would you do together? This gal is the largest meat eating dinosaur of the Early Jurassic in North America so you’d have to…

May 23, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 121: Things you’d like to throw away

Day 121: Things you’d like to throw away. Whistles. Old shirts. Bed frames. Pokemon. Photographs. Bowling balls. Desks. Blankets. Habits. Thoughts. Swimming suits. Collections. Dreams. Cars that break down. Irons. Pains. Medications. Diapers. Wedding dresses. Maybe you can’t throw them away because they are…

May 22, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 120: Sad

Day 120 :Sad. Write about what you do when you’re sad. You can write about specific times you were sad. You can write about being sad in general and how you cope. You can write a list of things that made you sad this…

May 19, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 22: Your Name

Kids! Day 22: Your Name. In the book Chrysanthemum, the main character Chrysanthemum loves her name. She loves the way it sounds, she loves the way it looks written on birthday cakes, she loves whispering it to herself in the mirror. Then one day…

May 18, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 119: Artichokes

Day 119: Artichokes. 1. We cheered when Mom cooked them. 2. We fought over the hearts. 3. We dipped them in fry sauce (hub says: that’s disgusting. Melted butter is how you do it.) 4. My kids eat them better than pizza. 5. There’s…

May 17, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 21: An Invention

Kids! Day 21: An Invention. When I was in middle school, I had to endure long freezing mornings waiting for the bus. By far my ears got the coldest. One day I came up with the best idea for an invention ever: heater earrings.…

May 16, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 118: Shame and Empathy

Day 118: Shame and Empathy. This one, if you open up to whatever comes, will be hard but also good. Start writing and don’t stop. 8 minutes. #8minutememoir A post shared by Ann Dee Ellis (@anndeecandy) on May 15, 2017 at 8:07am PDT…

May 15, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 117: A mother

Day 117: A mother. Write about a mother. Any mother. All kinds of mothers. Women who helped you make it to the top of the mountain whatever that mountain might be. 8 minutes. Write fast. Write everything. #8minutememoir A post shared by Ann Dee…

May 12, 2017
Kids! 8-Minute Memoir

Kids! Day 20: A slug

Kids! Day 20: A slug. Write about this friendly slug. What is his name? Where does he live? What does he like to do? Does he hang out with the snails and ants or does her prefer the centipedes and worms? Does he wish…

May 11, 2017