8-Minute Memoir

Day 84: Weird Totally True Stories

Day 84: Weird Totally True Stories. One time at a sleepover someone told me about a girl who had a spider climb up her nose while she was asleep and a week later her cheek grew huge and when the doctor cut it open,…

February 24, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 83: Humpty Dumpty

Day 83: Humpty Dumpty. Write about nursery rhymes and lullabies. Write about ring around the rosies and row row row your boat. Write about the ones you knew, the ones you always forgot and the people who taught them to you. 8 minutes. Let…

February 24, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 82: Your song

Day 82: Your song. The one you’re passionate about. The one you sing in the shower. The one that could make you famous if someone heard you in the car. Maybe there’s more than one. Maybe there’s fifty. Maybe sing it today in front…

February 22, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 81: being game

Day 81: being game. Write about someone you know who was born game. Someone who is up for anything at anytime. Climbing a mountain. Going midnight disco skating. Traveling to Africa. Eating crickets. Reading War and Peace. Buzzing their hair. Dancing at the DMV.…

February 17, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 80: Dream Travel

Day 80: Dream Travel. Write about where you’d love to go. Pick somewhere you’ve never been and write about why you want to go there. Or pick somewhere you go every year and write about why it is the perfect place. Or do both.…

February 15, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 79: Valentines

Day 79: Valentines. Write a valentine. Pick someone and give them concrete examples of why you love them: stories, memories, funny things. Sad things. Happy things. Avoid abstract. Do it for 8 minutes without stopping. Whatever comes to your head. Then set the timer…

February 13, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 78: things you buy

Day 78: things you buy. Write about things you must always have on hand. Wool socks. Chili paste. Dr. Pepper. Adams Peanut Butter. Peppermint tea. Long sweaters. A new novel. Soft scrub. Burts Bees deodorant. Chapstick. Sunglasses. Red Vines. Make a list. Annotate the…

February 10, 2017

Day 76: stairs

Day 76: stairs. The ones you sled down. The ones you fell down. The ones you vacuumed. The ones you lay on to sneak and see what you got for Christmas. The ones you went up at college. The ones at your Grandma’s house.…

February 6, 2017
8-Minute Memoir

Day 75: cookies

Day 75: cookies. Write about cookies. The first time you made them on your own. The one time you burned them. The time you tried to make a quadruple batch. The time a crush bought you a big pink cookie at school except no…

February 3, 2017