Book Birthday!

Today The End or Something Like That officially comes out! Yay! To celebrate I’m having a little contest. In the book, the main character’s best friend is very specific about what food she wants served at her funeral. I know that at my funeral, I want chocolate covered cinnamon bears. From the BYU bookstore. They […]


Dear People, I have a blood blister on my heel from stepping on a Lego. When it happened, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. How can something so small have such a huge impact. I am tired beyond belief and the troubling thing is that I have realized that the […]

On runny noses

Right now, for the briefest of moments, my two younger sons are playing with blocks. Quietly. One building. The other taking blocks out and putting them back in. I think: I want to write something beautiful every day. I want to sit and think and read and ponder and write. I think: These children fill […]


Today my seven year old came home in a near panic. Someone mysterious (with a man’s voice! It was not the secretary, I repeat NOT the secretary because is a girl. And so is the principal. And we are getting a new principal but both of the people who might become principal are girls so […]

Dear November

If you have tried to come to my website in the past few weeks, you would have been greeted with a malware warning. Fortunately, Cam has saved me and my meager online presence once again. Here’s an update on my life and my writing. My book The End or Something Like That  is coming out from Penguin […]


Because I have a new baby, I am up a lot at night. This is bad and good. Bad because, well, duh. Good because I get to think. And read. And after the baby goes back to sleep, sometimes write. My mom passed away last Friday. It was expected. She’d been sick for many many […]

This Lady

Because I am sitting at home with a new baby, I have time to look at things. Today I looked at this. I found her by way of a photo series on CNN  where she took self portraits of herself as she imagined she would be at age 80. I liked it. I like when people play. When they […]

Coming Back

I am feeling like I want to come back to this space again. I’ve missed it. Here are a list of things: 1. My mom is sick. 2. I had my first kiss when I was sixteen. 3. It was a bad kiss. 4. I was going to make my senior dinner dance dress and […]